Basic Game Play:

 Nigel’s guide to surviving through the JuFamily jungle.

  • Your goal is to reach the JuFamily center by moving up the path. 
  • Youngest person goes first. 
  • On each player’s turn, they get to choose a JuFamily challenge to try to move up each space on the path. If you succeed in a challenge, you move up a space or more depending on the challenge. 
  • If you lose the challenge, you may either not move, lose a life, or receive a Doomsday card. 
  • If you receive ____ Doomsday cards, the whole game ends for everyone.
  •  If you lose ____ lives, the game ends for that player. 
  • This is a team game. 
  • The person closest to the JuFamily center should be holding the jewels. You can transfer the jewels at any point in time during the game, but you cannot transfer them to someone else if a player dies with the jewels. 
  • Once someone reaches the center with the jewels, they must complete 1 challenge card, 1 Final JuFamily card, and call out “JuFamily“ for everyone to win the game.

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