Welcome to JuFamily Instruction Manual & Guide

Back Story: This is not your regular game. There is a certain magic & power that is in the Game Board JuFamily.  

To fully understand its power.... one must understand it’s past.  Not so long ago a noble family friend Nigel & his crew of explores were looking for the sacred Caby jewels deep in the jungle. However somehow someway the arch nemesis hater of Christmas evil Scroogy Grinchicle was able to locate and steal the jewel 💎!

This was a very bad & tragic event because the family jeweles contain a magic power so strong ... its disappearance could cause catastrophic effects which could negatively impact not only future generations but our ancestors as well.  
Nigel knew he could not let this happen. So one night while Mr. Scroogrinchacle was sleeping he was able to stealthily recapture the jewel from his evil hands.  The Caby jewels are so sacred Nigel put his own life in extreme danger because he new the consequences of having them in the wrong hands would be disastrous. 
Nigel safely succeeded in bringing them here to you ... the four chosen JuFamily Players. Now it’s up to you to have them in the right hands & successfuly return them to their proper home. The fate of JuFamily is now in JaHands. Your goal is to reach the center of JuFamily pass it’s challenges & call it’s name.  Remember only teamwork family togetherness & the Christmas spirit can lift the curse upon thy land & restore thy family name. JuFamily life or failure now depends on you .... listen to Nigels instructions on getting through the individual JuFamily challenges.  Good luck we are all counting on you !

Peace Love & RocknRoll !

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